Become part of the school community

Our close partnership with families, the community that invites engagement and the trust in one another makes the school what it is - a place of learning and welcoming. From the first contact, through the first visit to the first day in the classroom or in the kindergarten group - we accompany you every step of the way and work hard for a successful school career for students. Visit our school and get an extensive insight into our educational work and our offers.


In principle, children with German or children other than Chinese nationality who are resident in China due to the occupation of at least one parent can be admitted. The residence status must be proven after school entry by presenting a residence permit. According to the Chinese authorities in 2014, children whose parents are registered in Shanghai should be given priority at admission. When registering children of Chinese nationality, a waiver must be submitted to the Education Commission of the City of Shanghai. The German School Shanghai is designed to integrate children from the German / German-speaking school system and to ensure that pupils return to the German school system or be admitted to German universities and other educational institutions.

German is the common language

Kindergarten, elementary school and secondary school therefore require a sufficient command of the German language (for the kindergarten: basic knowledge of the German language) as well as parents' willingness to promote the German language and culture in the family. When changing from a non-German-speaking system or when there are obvious deficits in the German language, the admission can be made dependent on participation in a grading examination. For children with recognizable German-language deficits, the school offers special additional support in German as a second language (DaZ). The aim of these measures is to ensure that the children can easily follow German-language instruction and attain the school's qualifications without any limitations due to such deficits.


  • School RMB 177,000 per year / per child
  • Kindergarten RMB 132,000 per year / per child
  • School membership RMB 600 per year / per family
  • Admission fee RMB 30,000 per child
  • Deposit RMB 75,000 per child
  • Registration fee RMB 5,000 per child
  • School bus (optional) RMB 12,500 per year / per child

Valid from 1st August 2019